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Welcome to LOVE....everywhere

At LOVE....everywhere,

we BELIEVE in transcendence, excellence,

we BELIEVE our power allows our thoughts to turn to form immediately,

we BELIEVE in our interconnectedness & influence on our environment,

we BELIEVE our Earth thinks, breathes & creates,

we BELIEVE in our abilities to be creative geniuses,

we BELIEVE  in dwelling only on experiences of abundance, freedom, inspiration & service as a daily journey,

we BELIEVE in each other, all of us, everyone,



Our intent is to activate the movement of LOVE as an evolutionary engine. An interactive reminder to continually reach a higher place of consciousness & evolve through recognizing love woven into each day, everywhere for the best of all.

SCIENCE of MIND in action!


LOVE....everywhere offers a monthly PHOTO CONTEST where you can win money each month for you and your chosen charity.



Thank you to all our wonderful Contributors!

Julie Sheehan, North Attleboro, MASS

Julie chooses to support the MEGHANKDUFFY FOUNDATION. This foundation was created by the parents of Meghan K. Duffy, Julie's beautiful 11 year old next door neighbor. In honor of her courageous battle with cancer. The foundation is dedicated to easing the financial burdens of families whose children are recieving treatment for cancer. It also funds educational pursuits in surrounding communities.


Congratulations to our  MARCH WINNER - Hilda Savadian, Glendale, California

Hilda has chosen to support St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital.

CONGRATULATIONS to our FEBRUARY LOVE....everywhere WINNER, Tina Cloutier from Connecticut. Tina chooses to support the Special Olympics of CT.

Thank you to all those that submitted great photos of LOVE around the World💛
Rob Solinski, NJ
Jim Albert, CT
Margie Morgan, Colorado
Lisa Solomon, Mass
Melissa Adams, NJ
Delany Adams, NJ
Lauren Panzarino, Wash DC
Anna Kabis, Washington DC
Amanda Griego, New Mexico
Alexandra P, Barcelona, Spain
Ali Golian, UK
Kristy Buffington, PA
Malissa Merlo-Shobe, Michigan
Steph Naillon, CA
Keri Sbrizzi, North Carolina
Julie Sheehan, Mass
Rita Albane, NY
Katherine Merry, NY
Sabrina B, NY
Eleanor Hackleman, Oregon
Shelly Martinez, Indiana



CONGRATULATIONS Cissi Wrangel, Sweden, our JANUARY 2016 Winner!

Cissi chooses to support "I Am You", a group of Swedish Volunteers. "Week by week, we send special teams of CEOs, artists, human rights experts and other skilled professionals to the Greek islands. We focus on the refugee camps, where we assist with the preparation and distribution of food and water, clothes and shoes as well as blankets and tents. We also provide assistance with translation for the police and medical staff, pre-registration and housing of vulnerable cases in coordination with the UNHCR."


Congratulations DECEMBER'S Winner!


Kirstie chooses to support UNICEF.

UNICEF is a leading humanitarian and development agency working globally for the rights of every child. Child rights begin with safe shelter, nutrition, protection from disaster and conflict and traverse the life cycle: pre-natal care for healthy births, clean water and sanitation, health care and education....
UNICEF has spent nearly 70 years working to improve the lives of children and their families. Working with and for children through adolescence and into adulthood requires a global presence whose goal is to produce results and monitor their effects. UNICEF also lobbies and partners with leaders, thinkers and policy makers to help all children realize their rights—especially the most disadvantaged.


Michelle Greene, Oakland, California
Michelle chooses to support The Lily Sanctuary, a non-profit rescue whose sole purpose is to provide quality care and love for homeless and special needs parrots. Located in Orange County, CA.





Steph Kuecker, Illinois

Steph has chosen to support the Saint Joseph Catholic High School's Mission Program for Africa. It is a Program that reflects a twin school in Africa promoting the importance of education.


LOVE....everywhere's MISSION
  • to send LOVE 
  • to link the world in the concept of ONENESS
  • to increase Manifestation POWERS for Self & Others
  • to EMPOWER Individuals
  • to SUPPORT Spiritual Development
  • to CREATE a platform for Philanthropy, Creativity and Insight
  • to link Humanity & Mother EARTH


Basic Rules:

  1. Like and Share LOVE....everywhere on Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter. 
  2. YOU post original photos that captures LOVE to LOVE....everywhere's Facebook or Instagram Page Each month. We will share on every site.                                                                                                                                         Most LIKES on either Instagram or Facebook, at end of Month, wins $25 to YOU and $25 to a Charity of your choice. Submit photo and include NAME and CITY.
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